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My fuel gauge wont ever read the top half and every time I fill up in need to do the ECU reset (function 19, reset 21) on the instrument cluster to get a change in the fuel level. This isn’t as straight forward as all the posts I have read through. I will try and break it down as clear as possible

Visual display of senders on ODO show left sender * and right sender 128.0 (or varying ohmic reading) correctly.

Both sender units tested with multi-meter & working correctly.

Resistors wired in at the sender plug as a test, the left tank reading was still **** and the right reading was correct for the selected resistance.

Earth/- was tested & was fine.

Loom followed up to the front foot well where the senders are plugged into a control board, I believe this Is the fuel pump relay board, where I carefully stripped back the
feed from the left sender and tested with my multi-meter to ground. The reading was fine!

Got to be the control board electronics right? its put the fault past the sender unit and wiring loom.

my thoughts now are - electronics issue on foot well board?
anyone had a similar issue?
are these easy to change?
would it need coded?

all help appreciated

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