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I have 5 Mini Window Stickers I am auctioning on behalf of the CB 2008, I dont have any use for them and their rarity may make them popular they are unused and from about 4 years ago, I only have one of each sticker.

payment once auction has ended to to to the CB just giving site
Justgiving - raising funds for Make A Wish

Mini Cooper adventure In progress

Mini One adventure in progress

I'm having a supercharged ride

15inches and thats just my wheels

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Next one added this morning...


Come on you S and GP owners :D
So that's Nylo and Rakey then, just off the top of my head... where are they? *starts looking around* lol :p

Looks like someone else put a bid in on the One stickers - fortunately, I'm still high-bidder though. :) Hmmm... I'd better start thinking about where I'm going to put it exactly. ;) :D
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