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Rear Damper Lower bolt rubber covers - re-fit or not?

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I've just removed the 21mm lower damper bolts. Considering the amount of corrosion under the rubber covers I was pleasantly surprised how easily they came out. I did use an induction bolt heater and impact wrench on them though.

The triangular washer on the side on the O/S had turned to rust, it looks to me as if the sole function of this washer is to hold the rubber cover in place so If I didn't re-fit the rubber covers its not required and a round washer of the appropriate size would suffice?
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So this is bolt you have to be talking about.
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With a dremel
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And a vice I would just shape out a new one. The vibrations in the suspension system itself or acostics as they call it these days may play a part in the shape of that washer. And with all too many mini cooper first gen (2001-2008)having all steel control arms that tend to bend and brake. I would probably replace it with something of equal value instead of putting a round washer just from the recorded experiences mini cooper owners have had with snapping rear suspension components.
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Thanks for the reply. Interesting take on the shape/function of that washer.
To me though it looks as if its sole function is to retain the rubber Anti-Chip cover, I can't see it being an acoustic damper.
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