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Rear fog Reverse light removal.

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Just acquired a neglected 2011 R56 Cooper Diesel which we're in the process of making good. Mechanically sound, but not well loved. We've found the reversing lights in the cluster don't work and the Fog light is giving an intermittent error on the dash. I'm suspecting it's been parked in a flooded area and the light might have been submerged as the front fogs also show some damage. Try as I might however I cannot get the rear light cluster to budge. There are clips that I have squeezed, pulled, pushed etc and the thing is stuck fast. I've scoured Youtube, asked on Reddit but I can't seem to find anyone with the know-how to get the damn thing out. I just want to remove it so I can properly inspect it and decide if I need to replace the whole unit. From the user manual and the best shot I can get from the rear. The manual seems to be pointing to the small grey clip next to the larger black part, but I've tried squeezing them but they won't budge. I also think that's just for the bulb and not the removal of the entire unit. There's also the issue that the LH side unit is almost inaccessible due to some heat shielding under the car. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Did you ever get this sorted @Egg1000 ? I have the same problem, and the same issue trying to remove the central cluster.
Did you ever get this sorted @Egg1000 ? I have the same problem, and the same issue trying to remove the central cluster.
Yeah, I fixed it in the end. Initially took it to Halfords to ask them to replace the bulbs. They made it look easy but stagnant water came out! I contacted the guy I bought it off and he replaced it for me. However, we still had issues with it, so I removed the LH cover with only two screw's and found the back is relatively easy to remove, however the clips that release it aren't the large parts, they're the tiny lip of plastic next to them, once you realise it's not the obvious clip, the others squeeze together quite easily. Hope this helps.

To be clear, the large clips you can see in the image are the clips that are holding the glass light cluster to the bodywork. The smaller clips you can see above and slightly to the right, are the clips that hold the back cover with the bulb holders in.
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Hi, I too have problem trying to remove for a bulb change.

Is it necessary to remove the assembly? And how does the 4 edge clip work? I tried pinching them and lifting them but cannot get the assembly out
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