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Rear lights advice!!

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Hi everyone,

Ive got a 02 cooper and have just ordered a brand new one due in March :D :D

Just wondering if my clear rear lights of my 02 will go straight over onto my 05 as the dealer has mentioned that the lights have changed??

Thanks for your help


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No they cant be changed straight over because the reverse light is now in the rear light cluster and the fog light is in the bumper. However i think sell a conversion kit.
You may want to hang tho, no doubt, BMW will be offering a new version soon!
Drop Mikey the Mini a PM. he has been installing the clear lights on to new Mini's. Not sure what he does but I've seen a convertible with them fitted which he did and all seemed to ok.
Thanks everyone, email on the way!!!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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