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Rear Screen Washer

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My rear window wiper/washer seems defective. The washer spray only hits the lower half of the surface area of the wiper. I asked the technical person a mini about this a few months back and he said it justs needs adjusting. Does anyone know how to adjust this, or should I take it in. It's 25 mi each way to the dealership, and if it is something simple to correct, Id rather do it myself. Thanks for any input. Terry
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Mine was only spraying the bottom two inches or so. Its definately adjustable - I had a friend do it for me. I can't say how it was done... but its certainly possible. If someone here doesn't have the answer (and I'm sure they will), I could ask. Mine sprays perfectly now! :)
The nozzle on the rear wiper arm is adjustable. Just take a small screwdriver or even a coin andl rotate the nozzle. Careful, only turn the nozzle a tiny little bit. Unless you want to wash the windshield of the guy tailgating you ! ! ! :D
Well on a 2003 car, which is probably a 2004 model in america, you just push a pin into
the nozzle and lift up slightly.
there are two different rear washers;)

so how old is you MINI, so you can make sure you are getting the right advice:)
i have exactly the same problem with my 2005 ONE. Theres nowhere i can see thats adjustable but ill have a lookie when its light.
rear washer

Check that the washer jets are not blocked with dirt. The washer bottle filter could also be blocked with dirt.
Failing that your explanation will be one of these:-

The rear washer hose runs from the front end of the car to the rear end, up through the D post and into the tailgate.
The hose itself is actually wrapped in with the main electrical wiring loom which makes installation at the factory a lot quicker.
The down side of this is that it can become kinked or squeezed at any point where it runs through the bulkhead or along the inside of the car amongst the wiring and also another very common cause is that it becomes kinked inside the D post at the point where it runs through to the tailgate.
Another problem could be that the non return valve situated inside the tailgate has become contaminated and is now failing or that the hose has become kinked inside the tailgate.
Assuming that this is a new problem to your car then I would suggest that its where the hose runs up inside the D post, as opening and closing the tailgate will cause movement of the hose.
It's possible to get to the hose at this point through the removeable panel in the quarter case.
If you want to take it to the dealer mention the point I made about the D post.
This problem as a whole is extremely common with MINIS even as they roll off of the line and it is one of the most common 'faults' overall.

I believe I've made an in depth post on this problem before some time ago if you would like to search for it.
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