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rear washer & wiper not working

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Hello everyone, first I can say I did look in to alot of threads you have here but just did not find the solution for my case. I am truly sorry if there is and I did not find it can you give ne the link?

So here is my problem:
The rear washer and wiper are not working both.
What have I done so far:
For the wiper - I have tested the motor by providing an external power it moves as it should.
For the washer: I have taken out the washer from the water tank and gave it some external power to one and other side seems fine and its pushing water. ( btw the front works fine )
Then to see if the thing is not clogged like a lot of you suggested I swapped the front and back hose water sides and fluid went to the back fine.
I went over the fuse box and apparently where the motor fuse should be its emty( f30 if I remember this correctly )
I did open the hood and found 2 relay for wipers ( I think they both front ones, for speed and turn on/off)

So guys would gladly appreciate if you can give me any pointers, currently checking wires in the boot but not too sure if I will be able to detect

Sincerely thank you for your help straight away and for waisting your time trying to help me
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I would suggest looking at the wires in the concertina that carries wiring into the hatch. Look for damaged wires.
Have done that and I believe I might be in a pinch. There is no problems untill this plug in the fuse box
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Also connecting external power to the + of wiper it gives Short-circuit
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