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Rear Wiper

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I might be going mad but I could have sworn I read somewhere that when reverse gear was engaged on the MINI the rear wiper did 'one sweep' (I assume when the front wipers are in use).
This is not the case on my car, is it another programmable feature or did I imagine it?
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As far as I know US specced car will have this, but UK cars do not.

I believe oz spec Coopers and Cooper S's have this feature as well.

Strange that the UK does not, given the climate.
driver powered vehicles . . .

Paul_Mullett said:
As far as I know US specced car will have this, but UK cars do not.

Any truth in the rumour that it`ll be a £120 option for the UK market?

The reason for it`s omission over here could be due to "UK driver power".

Maybe the UK motorist is beginning to "fight" some of these most desirable features?

For example can you actually buy a car now that let`s the driver decide whether he/she actually wants the windscreen wipers to almost competely obliterate his/her view when selecting "wash/wipe" when a sample "wash" might be preferable in certain dangerous situations.

Rain sensitive wipers are another useless "requirement" we soon won`t be able to exist without!

No wonder some of us are falling asleep at the wheel!

Of course none of the above excuses the fact that generally it appears that the rest of the World still continues to get a better deal when it comes to buying most things.

Latest score UK 2 - RoTW 222 !

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When you put the front wipers on in an automatic BMW318ti, and it is absolutely teeming down with rain, when you come to a stop, the wipers automatically go into intermittent mode. It's insane, and incredibly dangerous at junctions.

This was about 4 years ago, so maybe they have changed that function now.
My last car had the automatic activation of rear wiper when in reverse. I'm glad my COOPER doesn't. The MINI treats you as a responsible adult. Leave the lights on or the key in the ignition when you are getting out and you get a gentle tone to remind you. This tone then ends after about 5 seconds. In other words, if if you INTENDED to leave the lights on or key in, you can do so without a deafening buzzer in your ear.
I also thought the rear wiper would wipe when the fronts were on and reverse was engaged - I'm sure this is in the UK handbook somewhere or I wouldn't think that! Even my Mum's 5 year old Rover 200 does this!

The front wipers on the MINI vary the delay of intermittent depending on speed which I find useful, and the rear wiper seems to vary its delay depending on the speed of car and/or speed of front wipers which is also nice.
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