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Well, as a few of you have already heard, I had a great time at VIR with NASA-VA.

First, I was amazed by the quantity and variety of cars in attendance. It was surprising, the scope of what was going on, and I was impressed by how well organized everything was. Everyone was very friendly, ya gotta love that southern hospitality. In between my HPDE track sessions there were all kinds of races going on. Highly entertaining and lots of action!

Trevor (dkstone) from New York was also in attendance. There was a MINI S participating in the Small Bore races and on Sunday we saw an MC40 that was a pace car for VIR.

We did the North Course, 17 turns, most of them high speed in 2.25 miles of track. Tons of elevation changes. Very challenging track, always something going on in terms of planning and maneuvering. Track map:

The classroom instruction was excellent. But what impressed me the most was the consistency of the on track instruction. I had a different instructor Saturday and Sunday, plus I rode with yet another. The fellow that I rode with (not my instructor) was instructing Trevor, and Trevor rode with a fourth instructor. Trevor was also amazed that the instructor other than his own with whom he rode was doing the same things that his own instructor was teaching! Are you confused yet? Basically, I was exposed to 4 different instructors, and while teaching style may have varied, what they were teaching was the same!! I have never experienced that level of consistency out of 5 different groups that I've run with in 10 separate days on track.

I would definitely recommend HPDE with NASA-VA. I had a fantastic weekend!

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