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When replacing a battery in a 2005 Mini must I have the dealer recalibrate the car’s systems?

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I called three Mini dealers and each confirmed that I would have to have a new battery electronically “registered” on my 2005 Mini convertible in order to prevent the alternator from working overtime to compensate for the the former failing battery. In other words, they said the alternator would not “know” a new battery had been installed. Thus, failure to register the new battery would cause an early demise of my new battery and possible damage to other electronic components. So, I’m a little confused about previous comments that I don’t need to have the new battery calibrated because my model doesn’t have “stop and start”. Help! I don’t know which way to go on this issue.

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For 2002-2006 R50 Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hatchbacks, and 2005-2008 R52 Cooper and Cooper S Convertibles...
This procedure is intended for a basic 'reset' of the ECU. It is not for clearing error codes or turning off CEL (check engine lights). Proceed at your own risk.

How to Reset the ECU:
  1. With the key in the ignition, but in the off position, press and hold down the odometer reset button with one hand.
  2. While holding the button down, switch the key in the ignition to position 1 (first click) with the other hand. The screen will have a number and the word “TEST”.
  3. Scroll through the numbers by pressing the odometer rest button, through to 19 and wait a moment. (Note: the number order is: 1,2,10,19)
  4. The message will say 19 "L i-off", flash to "L i-on", and back to "L i-off" again. When "log i-off" appears, press the odometer rest button again.
  5. You are now in the system. Scroll through to 21. TEST and wait a moment. 21.0 RESET will come up. Press the button once.
  6. Your gauges will now make some sounds and movements.
  7. Once the lights come back on start your car. You have now reset your ECU and your MINI is now ready to relearn the new mods and your driving style.

Here is a list of all the tests on your MINI:

1.0 Chassis number
1.1 Kilometer count
1.2 Parts number
1.3 Coding-, Diagnostic- and Bus-index
1.4 Production Date (Calendar week/year)
1.5 Hard- and Software status
1.6 Injector status, Cylinder count, Engine factor.
2.0 Comb system Test
3.0 Service interval counter
4.0 Actual fuel consumption in l/100km. eg.0154 = 15,4 liters/100kms.
4.1 Consumption in liters/100kms.
5.0 Distance consumption in l/100kms.
5.1 Actual rest distance with available fuel in Kms.
6.0 Actual amount of fuel in tank. eg. 123321 =12,3liters left 32,1 liters right
6.1 Total amount of fuel in tank.
6.2 Show value of Fuel gauge.
1= both senders OK, 2= sender failure, 3=ti signal implausible (no reading)
7.0 Actual coolant temp.
7.1 Actual outside temp.
7.2 Actual engine revs.
7.3 Actual speed
8.0 Hexadecimal readings of menu 7.0 to 7.3
9.0 Actual on board voltage (Battery)
10.0 Land codes
11.0 Unit codes
12.0 No function
13.0 Gong test
14.0 - 14.4 On board diagnostic codes. eg 000000 = no failures
15.0 - 18.0 No function
19.0 On/Off for Test menu.
20.0 Correction factor for Fuel consumption Formula for correction:
Shown consumption x 1000 / user defined consumption
Push the trip reset button to begin the correction. Numbers count up from 0-9, when correct number shows push trip reset button.
20.1 Sets 10ths. for consumption factor
20.2 Sets 100ths. and 1000ths. For consumption factor
20.3 saves the new consumption factor and shows new value
21.0 Software reset. (Same as disconnecting battery)

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Models with an IBS (intelligent
battery sensor) need the battery
registered for the reasons listed
Some MINIs (second and third gen)
have this and you can easily tell
because they have an extra
electronic box right next to the
negative battery terminal on
that cable.
Some don’t. My 2009 JCW Clubman
doesn’t. No 1st gen MINIs (R50, R52,
or R53) have this afaik.
I never had to worry about this with
my 2003 R50 and the 1st gen Bentley
and Haynes manuals for these MINIs
don’t mention anything about this.
You should be fine.
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