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Recommendations for exhaust for 2017 1.5L?

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Just bought my Mini and the exhaust is just too quiet! Not looking for a super aggressive note, drone or backfiring on deceleration, just a system with a moderate increase in volume and nice exhaust note. I’ll likely add cold air intake and chip it as well but just looking to improve low end torque so nothing over the top.
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I know, highly irregular to do any modifications on a Non S car but I would have thought someone had something to share like... Why? What are you thinking? Don’t bother, etc... Anyway, I like the car, it’s tight as could be and just looking for a little more scoot. Who knows, with minimal mods it might be as fast or faster than a stock S. Lower weight by nearly 100 pounds, only 1 second slower 0-60, it could happen, and if not, don’t really care so long as I can actually hear the engine or exhaust note with the windows up! One thing that’s surprised me about the Mini is just how quiet it is inside.
Yes, a 2017 1.5L in the U.S. has a turbo. That’s why a chip alone nets 166HP and 202TQ versus 134 and 162 when stock. A stock S makes 189HP and 207TQ but weighs almost 100 pounds more. With an S being only one second faster to 60 than a stock 1.5L, I’ve gotta believe a chipped 1.5L is just as quick to 60.
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