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A plastic bit broke off the runner in my roof after some period of non use- all seemed fine though but then stupidly on a motorway a few months back I tried to 'close' the 'sunroof' mode and it broke further. My roof mechanism now no longer works on the left hand side and if I open it I can see it is not properly in its runner ... ! and there is a bit of broken plastic.

Luckily its latched down and whilst it does not close fully its good enough with no leaks (just loud!)

i do want to get it fixed though ... I took it to the local bmw garage and they want to replace the whole front part mechanism to be 'sure' nothin is twisted with a quote of about 1500 for parts alone

Is there a recommended specialist in Surrey that i could try? - I've pinged someone called cayman autos in redhill and awaiting that response but hoping for something closer to surbiton way!

many thanks!
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