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Hi guys!!:cool:

Here we go again at Derek Woodman!!

We are attempting another world record!!:D:D:D
At the moment i cannot give you ANY dates or details..:eek:

All i require at this stage is to see how many of you are up for it....:D

So please email me [email protected]
In the subject box... "keep me informed" :biggrin::biggrin:

We need to get as many people as we can so show an interest before we can go ahead and look at dates so come on .... you know your all up for it!!! :D:D


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You may be signing up for most naked MINI owners on top of Ben Nevis for all you know.

Be warned.

;) :D
Hey, awesome - a world record MINI2 event near me!! :D

Come on you lot, get your kit off and come to Scotland!! :D

:eek: Did I really just say that? :confused:

All the best,
1 - 20 of 79 Posts