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Red Cooper in Cary / Apex NC

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On the way home from the office today, I spotted a white Ford pickup towing a Chili Red with white roof Cooper, travelling east on hwy 64 in Cary/Apex North Carolina.

Anyone on this board ?? :confused:
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I am in Pinehurst NC on vacation. Went thru Cary last night.
Will keep an eye out for MINIS; here & in South Carolina.
Has anyone spotted a MINI in SC? I thought there might be more sightings there since BMW has an assembly plant there.
I was just in downtown Apex yesterday afternoon. Looks like I missed seeing it by 24 hours!

Chip H.
That's my route too and believe me, my eyes have been peeled this last week looking for any Mini's on the road. I'll either a) break my neck looking at it as it goes by or b) pull a 180 and follow it!!
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