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Hi everyone. Please help me out. I've done a few searches but can't find a good quality picture of a red dash. I'm worried it will look too 'bold'.

Getting a MCC - Chili Red - Full black leather with chrome interior.

Anyone with pictures would be much appreciated :)

Thank You!

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dude here's a link to EFR's ws. be patient it takes a bit to load. there's one interior red dash/chrome/seats/anth HL pic, but if U pm me thru the link on the bottom I can send U more.

the ws pic is full size (500K), so U can download it and blow it up for all the beautifully retro detail. By far the most oohs and ahhhs I get with this car are camry and civic drivers drooling over the interior. not literally of course. :D Jimbo
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