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Get signed up now for the biggest and best MINI2 Charity Ball to date!

Join us to celebrate 50 years of MINI and help raise funds for our two nominated charities, the NSPCC and Brian House Children's Hospice, a local charity nominated by one of our key sponsors Derek Woodman MINI.

In line with the above the theme for M2CB09 will be..... GOLD

And if you are unable to join us on the night but can help towards the fundraising you can contribute directly here Justgiving - MINI2 Charity Ball 2009 Fundraising Page

The details are below - please keep an eye on this front page for all breaking news as it happens!

Date: Saturday September 19 2009

Venue: Barceló Blackpool Imperial Hotel - Blackpool, Northern England

Tickets: Price held at 2008 level! - still only £45 per person

Accommodation which includes breakfast:
For those staying 2 nights £40 per person per night based on 2 people sharing.
For those staying 1 night £42.50per person based on 2 people sharing.
A few single rooms will be available at the above prices. (Supplement of £20 for single guests wishing to use double room). NB. We will have an initial allocation of rooms available at the above prices for a limited period after which they will be
released to the general public.

Format: Welcome drinks, dinner, disco, casino, auction/raffle. There will also be a run through some of the finest countryside in England for those who have to have their run fix!

Table Discounts
Book a table for 11 and get the 12th place free!

Friday Night Entertainment
It wouldn't be a MINI2 event unless it was a weekender and who better than our very own minisoopercooper Paul to take on the responsibility of organising the entertainment for Friday evening? He assures us it will be a fun night and probably the most fun we've ever had on a Friday! ooo-er Paul !!

Planes Trains and ..... MINI's
Free parking at the hotel included.
Blackpool North train station - is only a 10/15minute walk.
Note for international attendees - We have two airports nearby ;)
Manchester Airport is 50 minutes away.
Blackpool Airport is about 10 minutes away (Yes all you MINI folk from Ireland - get yourselves over!)

To reserve your tickets an initial non-refundable deposit of £15 will be required with the balance payable by September 1st 2009. As this is a charity event ticket refunds will be at the discretion of the Charity Ball team - please bear this in mind when making your reservation.


Reserve your tickets
Download the attached word document “Registration Form”, complete it with all your details and email it to [email protected]
If for any reason you are unable to download the file just send an email to [email protected] and we will send you a copy.

Your tickets will be reserved for you but not guaranteed until we have received your deposit. After returning your registration form by email we will then “invoice” you for your deposit if you have elected to pay via PayPal – you can pay in full if you would prefer to do it all in one go! If you have elected to pay by cheque or PO then please post it straight away to save us having to chase!!

Book a room
As detailed above we have secured excellent rates at the Imperial Hotel. To book simply call +44 (0) 1253 754616 and ask for reservations and request a room from the MINI2 Ball allocation. Failure to do this may result in a more expensive rate! Please confirm with the hotel at the time of booking that you have the correct rate as we cannot be responsible for any errors made in your booking.


Registered Attendees
  • Paid - Paid in Full
  • D - Deposit Paid
  • H - Booked Hotel

  1. soggycornflakes - Bob - Paid
  2. soggycornflakes +1 – Jackie - Paid
  3. Lorri - Lorraine D H
  4. Fevs - John D
  5. minisoopercooper - Paul D
  6. Scrogg - Simon D H
  7. Minnie Mouse - Jackie H D
  8. Minnie Mouse +1 - Gary D
  9. KPKalle - Karl
  10. KPKalle +1
  11. Carlos. - Carl D
  12. Gravity - Gemma D
  13. Minicabrio - Jon - paid
  14. Becca2003 - Becca - Paid H
  15. Matrog - Matthew - Paid
  16. JWT - James D
  17. JWT +1 D
  18. JWT +2 D
  19. JWT +3 D
  20. NickyJ - Nicky D H
  21. DerekJ - Derek D
  22. Tommy1 - Debs D H
  23. Tommy1 +1 - Paul D
  24. nylo - Carolyn D H
  25. vickietots - Vickie D H
  26. Deano - Dean D
  27. Stevemac - Steve D
  28. all_electric - Paul D H
  29. all_electric +1 D
  30. BlueAndy - Andrew D
  31. BlueAndy +1 D
  32. Goonerij - Ian D H
  33. Goonerij +1 D
  34. Scream - David D H
  35. Scream +1 D
  36. Scream +2 D
  37. Scream +3 D
  38. Mister - Nancy D H
  39. Jolly Roger D
  40. Jolly Roger +1 D
  41. Laurence - Paid
  42. Laurence +1 - Paid
  43. ShaunSheep - Jules D H
  44. Hat - Pat - paid H
  45. Hat +1 - paid
  46. Attendee X paid
  47. Attendee X +1 paid
  48. Brummie - Chris D
  49. Brummie +1 D
  50. Speedd - Anando
  51. Speedd +1
  52. Shamster - Sham Paid
  53. Shamster +1 Paid
  54. death2pixies - Nyki Paid
  55. Snowie - Alan Paid
  56. SnowieOwl Paid
  57. DarrenC H D
  58. Luverly Lesley D
  59. electricella Paid
  60. electricella +1Paid
  61. electricella +2 Paid
  62. dopeyntigger D
  63. dopeyntigger +1 D
  64. Maggie N Paid
  65. Frank N Paid
  66. Big Dave - Dave H
  67. Tom Sackley H
  68. Chanel H
  69. Ladee Wood - Hayley H
  70. Aussie - Martin H
  71. Aussies Bex - Bex H
  72. snowwhite - Sarah H
  73. snowwhite +1
  74. Woodmans 1
  75. Woodmans 2
  76. Woodmans 3
  77. Woodmans 4
  78. Woodmans 5
  79. Woodmans 6
  80. Woodmans 7
  81. Woodmans 8
  82. Woodmans 9
  83. Woodmans 10
  84. Anne M
  85. Anne M +1
  86. KillerByte

We are also working in the background to bring you one or two different things as not only is it MINI's 50th birthday but it's the Charity Ball's 5th birthday!

So don't delay - this will be a fabulous, activity-packed weekend. In addition to M2CB09 the Blackpool Illuminations will be taking place over this period, and you will have the option of visiting the Pleasure Beach and maybe going on The Big One at your leisure. Kiss me quick hats will no doubt still be on sale!

Once again we are looking for event sponsors and event donators and will be chasing (or is that begging? ) again those who helped us raffle and auction some fabulous prizes at M2CB08 !

The Event Sponsors and Donators
Confirmed Event Sponsor and Donator - Derek Woodman MINI
Confirmed Event Sponsor and Donator - Wollaston MINI
Confirmed Event Sponsor and Donator -

The Charity Ball Team

Shamster - Sham (driver for a change)
Soggy Cornflakes - Bob (taking a back seat for a change)
Minnie Mouse - Jackie
Lorri - Lorraine
Minisoopercooper - Paul (Lewis)
Paul - Paul (Mullett)
Northandy - Andy
KP Kalle - Karl

Demand for this event is anticipated to be strong and it is possible that we may have to limit ticket numbers - so don't leave it till the last moment!


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Glad you realised that kp :p thanks for the msword.doc ;)

Carl, thanks for the poem :D
Some balls are held for charity
and some for fancy dress
but balls that are are held for pleasure
are the balls I like the best
not my own work Lolly.........words and lyrics courtesy of Mssrs Young and Young (Australia) ;)
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