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Registration MCS

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:cool: Does anyone else have MCS as their number plate? - I'm sure there are lots out there but I've never come across one.....
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Trainman (Neil) has it on his brand new HB S.....looks well nice! :cool:

Piccy can be found here:
Might have to get an MOC one for mine then - although it is not as obvious what it stands for to the uninitiated!
Did trainman have to pay for his or not? I found the one I wanted (JB05 MCS) and it is £499. Not sure if I want to pay for a reg plate or not as wouldn't keep it on the next car as if the next car isn't an MCS, it wouldn't make any sense!
MCS plates

we looked for a numberplate for our cooper s we wanted something relating to the car rather than a personal plate so we looked at all combinations of mcs we thought the new plates with ie 54 or 05 were at bit too expensive for what they are so we searched for the earlier plates and there are some choices and we found G13 MCS we decided to buy this plate as we are keeping our mini would not buy a mcs plate if you are not planning on keeping your mini long term we are mini enthusiast and collect old and new minis
good luck hunting as it does seem now that personal/private plates seem to be the next move to personalise you car !!!


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I take your point. I've ordered an 05 MCS plate. It is quite expensive but even if I sell the car in the future I think a possible buyer would find the MCS plate quite tempting. We'll see - no intention of selling at the mo as the car hasn't even been delivered yet!
Caz ;) ;
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