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Rejecting My Mini, ADVISE PLEASE....

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Hi all,

As some of you that went to the National MINI Cooper Day already know Im going to reject my MINI because of these problems....

1. A very noticable Left-Pull, and after trying to get it fixed on several occasion unsucessfully, and then to get it booked in for Tuesday 12th June, the dealership phoned me and said that the parts for the left pull cure, are different to whatever spec your car has??? ERH :confused: surely the only spec that can affect this is SS+ ??? anyway they said i had to wait 6 weeks for the parts!!! Now by that time my new 18" tyres are going to ****ed!! are they going to pay for them???

2. Ever Since I bourght the car ive had the notorious Fuel Guage Problem.... (wont go above 3/4 and wont go below 1/4, although this is now fixed some 8 monthes after of phoning up and telling them the problem..... and them trying to fix it!

3. The Alarm went mad a few weeks ago, by locking, unlocking, setting off the alarm, opening/closing the windows, and kicking in the immobilser..... all this also was happening as i was driving aswell!!! anougher 4 days off the road!

4. Also the usual Squeaky seats and dash board, but its been in to get this fixed more times than i can care to remember, and they still squeak!!

5. About a week back it had both the seat airbags replaced as they went faulty, for some reason?? anougher 2 days without my wheels!

6. Ive had the windscreen replaced 3 times now because of stress cracks that keep apearing from under the seal, i have one there now and if i get that fixed it will be number 4 windsceen....

7. And proberly the most major one, driving along the M25 and the Gear Stick, came detatched from the Gearbox!! Leaving me stuck on the hard shoulder unable to drive it because it wouldnt go into any gear, and MINI Emergency Service left me waiting for 2 1/2 hours.....!!

I feel that all these problems are just not good enough, and I've had enough!!

Can anyone out whos reading this please advise me the best way for me to reject this car (Dinger, ELISEBOY) i'd be very gratefull

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Speak to timlowden as he is picking up his replacement car today after rejecting his ONE. He should be able to give you some pointers.....

i have emailed you all the details and my thoughts on this

The problem you have is the length of time that you have had the car and the millage

But you never know
sorry paul, I never recieved your e-mail????

did you send it to this e-mail address??
yep, its on its way, lol

when i posted this i was writing it at the same time hehe:D

best of luck
my cooper was replaced by my dealer for squeaky wobbly seats and the left pull problem...

Take the car to the dealer park it on their forecourt give them the keys and tell them you don;t want it back until it is either perfected or replaced. Follow this up with a soliitors letter and see where that get you. By the way demand a courtesy car until this is all resolved..

Fortunatley I dodn;t have to go through this but I believe this to be the proper process. Simply tell them that the car is liable to cause an accisent sooner or later, they know the car is faulty and that you will lay any blame of any injuries to persons or property to the dealer/MINI/BMW as and when it occurs. We asked them what they would do if the car veered into a busy bus stop due to the left pull??? They car was replaced as soon as one could be built...

What build month/year is your car?

A friend of mine has SS+ and has had the replacement parts to fix the left pull and this has worked perfectly.

Good luck matey
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yeah ive got it now, cheers paul :) :) :)

right im off to get my case together, and hopefully have a good argument for when i go to the dealership some time this week.......

again this is LIND of Maidstone!! they're are not making themselves a very good name out of certain things are they!!
jamiesim, my car is a September 01 build and its covered 17,000 miles.

these are the reasons that i have to be carefull the way i go about it etc....

Although I can imagine if i dumped it on the forecourt of LIND, they'd proberly just stick it out in the road and tell me to piss off!!!! this is the what they are like!!

A couple of challenge cars have had the gearlever becoming detached problems - in fact I had it at the last race meeting - apparently there is a fix for earlier cars for this - not much consulation I know but...

I know this doesn't answer your original question but just showing some moral support !
Cheers Glen,

I know how to fix it myself, Crow Bar and a Mallet and wack the ****er back in box :)eek: ) thats exactly what MINI Emergency Service did on the road side....

oh yeah, also do you know that MINI's cant be lifted at the front and towed (like some recovery vans do) as it buggers the rear wheels bearings!!! just a word of warning...
I don't know how mcuh it is gonna help but have you thought about visiting another BMW dealership as the TLC and other warranties are genral covers and do not force you do go to the dealer from where you bought the car...

I think the massive mileage you have done in such a short space of time is going to be your big problemo here. You ahve done a year and half of mileage for the average driver in a much shorter space of time!!!!
Best of luck with "LIND AT MAIDSTONE"Lee.

PS.I have sent you a pm mate. :)
I got your PM, ones on its way back now :)

I'll try my hardest at LIND, but failing that I can see if I could try at L&C or Broad Oaks, but because the car has never been there before, they might just say I need to talk to LIND.

Next time im buying from the JC Garages !!
i dont think you can buy direct from JC

only if you are buying a Works Cooper or Works S straight from them

shame cause you know the service would be 2nd to none
Me thinks your right Eliseboy,anyway Lee,now you have an excuse to get a Cooper S works.

PS.Lee Let us know how you get on with that shoddy dealer LIND at Maidstone mate.

PPS,Eliseboy have you made your mind up on options for your Cooper S yet.:)
OH well it'd have to be a works S then....

the sacrefisces of getting your serviced/maintained to a high standard are sooooo harsh !!! LOL.

Tonight im going to think about what the best way to "get the ball rolling" in regards to rejecting mine, whether or not to be Mr Nice and try and get to them to offer a replacement car (oooh look there goes anougher flying pig) or to go in Guns blazing taking a few hostage until they get me the replacment car !!

I know which one i prefer...... hahahaha LIND prepare for WAR!!
Dinger, You never NEED an excuse for an S Works, you just need the Money.....
if you manage to get a replacement they will give you an S to the equivilant value of your car new, but you wont be able to get a works that way

best to get the S and speak to Richard regarding the works conversion

Dinger - nope, been to a few dealers and had a look

like the blue, DS & White and DS & Black!!!!!

got my first drive tomorrow so will see then
i hope!!

what about you?
Hi Eliseboy,we have a test drive booked for Sat 22/6 from a dealer that does give GOOD service:) unlike "LIND at Maidstone".:(

Colour choices are DS/White or RED/White and definitely CHILLI pack,but NO way on the full leather as the fitting on the rear seats leaves a lot to be desired IMO.

As to the other options same as the cooper plus 2 others MFSW,heated seats.:)

PS,dont tell Neo I've changed my mind again. ;)
dinger said:
we have a test drive booked for Sat 22/6

Thats a long way off!?!?!
do you not fancy having a go sooner, or are you waiting for the cars to be run in?
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