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Hi. Just joined up and I am looking into fixing my sons Mini one.

It has a problem with the remote central locking.

Starting with the car locked

If you disarm it with the remote it only unlocks the fuel cap and tailgate but you can here the motors in both doors but they remain locked.

If you keep the button pressed then both windows open.

If you unlock with the key then the fuel cap, tailgate and drivers door unlock but not the passenger door.

If you keep the key turned both windows open.

If you pull the passenger door handle inside the car it unlocks.

The button in the row of switches doesn't lock or unlock anything. You can hear the doors trying to do something when you push switch up but just a click when pushing down.

If all the car is unlocked it will all lock and if you hold the button the windows will go up

If you lock car with the key everything locks and hold the key both windows go up.

I'm thinking its probably the door module but if anyone has already experienced this and can pinpoint the fault before I start buying and replacing bits unnecessarily that would be great.

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