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Replacement front hub has different lug nuts size?

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I needed a new front N/S wheel bearing so decided to replace the hub myself. After 2 hours hammering, WD40'ing, prying, pulling and swearing I finally got the old hub off.

I went to fit the new hub, and notice the lug nut holes are smaller than previous, they look to be 12mm diameter and my lug nuts are 14mm along with my old hub. The new hub was purchased from ECP, product number 629120011 which says it fits up to 06/2006, so I assumed covered all R53's...

Now, I am trying to work out how on earth this has happened, and what I need to do to fix it. The only thing I can find online is a thread where someone had a 10/2006 build R53, like mine, that had a similar issue around lug nut size.

Did Mini change the lug nut size after 06/2006 and if so where can I get the correct part?
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They did change the lug nut size. I don't know when.

Be careful buying parts. Often the fitment guide is a generalisation and no guarantee, in fact they normally say it is the purchasers responsibility to check exact fitment. Often gen 1 minis are just shown as 02 to 06, despite there being spec changes between.

I've been caught out before.
Is it possible that in the past someone has fitted R56 wheel bearings which have the larger diameter wheel bolts.

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