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Replacing my inner fender well liner

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I tore up my fender inner liner really bad this last time out. My 18inch wheel rubbed a hole threw the front; due to me not zip tie fastening the plastic cover for the headlights
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It was also worn around the inside arch hanging lower than the fender itself. Alot of this was; from timing the car and getting in and out using this wheel well to do it. Not completely removing the inner liner just pushing it back while I work on different components.

So I am replacing it today
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The tools I will be using is a T27 torx a multi torx tool for hard to get to area's a Philips screwdriver and trim removal tool
to slide under the plastic screw anchor's while I unscrew them with the other hand.
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The job is fairly straight forward. Removing each screw anchor. There are two 27torx screws here's one
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The other is located behind the fender and UP!
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There is also a small 10 mm bolt on the underside and back.
Now that I have completed the job. The only thing left is to put the tire back on.
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I have made sure to save as much as I could off the old liner. this being one piece.
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Really this piece might get used again as it is the closest part that stands a chance for my 18inch 205 40zr 18 inch tires to rub on. I drilled a small hole in the plastic of my old one and zip tied it to the fabric of the old inner liner. Aside of that I also saved a cir clip off the old liner that goes under and connects to the small triangle splash guard.
here's with the wheel on.
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Not much room between the tires and that plastic cap. with the 18 it's less but not bad backing out with new 18inch 205's of a gas station where the steering wheel is being cranked hard in reverse it makes slight contact. Nothing out of the ordinary. (I need to remember to put new Screw Anchor's in when I lose them or just don't drive the car. This fender inner liner was pricey when it cam to the shipping!
In the end it's all in the details
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