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A "I HATE RUN FLATS" Question: I've repressured left rear run flat about once/month on my '05' S convertible for 3 years relying on the "Yellow Light" indicator. I have a round trip work city street route of 2 miles and occasional 10 mile highway jaunts. Potholes and speed bumps are common and the ride is rough as a result. If I were to get a total tire failure I would probably just continue to drive to nearest gas station ( 1/2 mile max) and convert to normal tires.
  1. How would new tires be sized?
  2. Do I need new rims.
  3. Does car handle any worst or better?
  4. Will other mini drivers stop waving?
  5. Do run flats cause my 14.5 miles/gallon milage performance which has been unchanged for 3 years?
Thanks for any feedback.

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Welcome to MINI2 ...

Conventional tires can be mounted on OEM wheels.

For 16" wheels the most popular replacement size is 205/50-16.

For 17" wheels the most popular replacement sizes are 205/45-17 (stock), 215/40-17 and 215/45-17.

Handling will be better with conventional tires.

Switching to conventional tires won't help your gas mileage.

14.5 MPG :aargh: You live a mile from work and drive :confused:

I have a 2002 MCS and it only gets 17 MPG when driving solely on the streets of San Francisco, but it gets over 30 MPG on the open highway.

Walk to work and take your MINI for a drive in the country ;)
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