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Replacment Car Spec

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Bmw have offered my a new car today to replace my current car which has been causing my many headches in the last 5 months, I have now got the problem of chosing a new spec. I have been looking through the options list and I have got a few options I miht go for and I was just wondering if anyone could answer some questions for me.

1) Rain sensor and auto dipping rear view mirror, has anyone got this option I does it work well?

2) Xenon headlights, are they out yet and if so how good are they?

Lastley to have the trip computer and exterior temp guage do you have to have a multi function steering wheel

Sorry to ask so many questions, and I know that these questions have been asked before but I need to know so I can make sure I get a good spec.

Thanks in advance
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Well Done Tim!

Glad to hear you have now ordered your replacement.

I am sure it will be much much better.

I have the trip computer and no you dont need the MFSW for this option.

It is a little button on top of the light stalk which you press to give the range etc., and it comes in very handy when you are coming close to empty! It tells you how many miles left till empty.

Roll on May for you.



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Last i heard the auto sensing wipers weren't out and neither was the auto dimming mirror - due to some wiring problem. I heard around May or June builds on will have this.

I reckon you should go for:
Pure Silver
Salt Pack
8 Spokes
Chrome bumper Inserts
Trip Computer
On Board Computer
Leather Steering Wheel
CD Prep
Sports seats
Heated Washer Jets

Ohhhhhhhh wait a minute, thats my spec
:D :D :D :D :D :D

Go for 17's :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
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The Xenons are out as the Pepper White Cooper at my dealers has them.

I reckon you should just stick with the standard steel wheels and then get some nice Halfords wheels trims, to make them look like the 8 spokes!!:D :D :D :D
Replacment Spec

I have been into the dealer today and have sorted my Spec out. I am having Mini one is red. With:
Alarm,Auto Aircon,Cdplayer,Alarm,Salt pack,16' 5 spoke alloys,Sports seats,Chrome pack,xenon lights,asc,heated mirrors,white roof,rear spoiler. Should be good. Hope its better then Min mark 1!!!!
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