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Hey Team Mini,
I was in the dealership here in KC on the first of October for some warranty work. One of my comments was the car was surging a bit while in second gear and staying around 2,900 RPM's. was raining (constant drizzle) at the time. Basically, driving in rush hour traffic hovering around 2,900 in second.
I mentioned it to the service Mgr. and here was the result:

Mechanic could not reproduce, however, went ahead and did this as warranty:

Open Campaign 0012880100 12.01.04 RECALL

So what did they do? Is this the "major" engine software update? I had one performed back in Feb. of 04 to eliminate the "surging" issues. Did they overrite it? Car felt a little smoother afterwards and haven't noticed the issue since.

Thanks and keep the rubber side down.
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