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Retrofit Auto Dimming mirror wiring (to another vehicle)

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I'm trying to fit the autodimming rear view mirror from a 2007 R56 mini (well that is what the breaker reckoned it came from) to my first gen Honda Insight. Mainly because the Honda mirror is delaminating and I miss having a nice auto dimming mirror like my old bimmer or Audi. So I've physically got the mirror on the screen, but now face the wiring. So far I have:

Pins number, Wire colour, Probably used for (and pin number on PCB)
1, Grey, Acc +12v from ignition (3)
2, Purple, Remote Locking PCB
3, Red, Permanent +12V from fuse box (1)
4, White, Not known (5)
5, Black, Not Known(4)
6, N/C,
7, Pink, Remote Locking PCB
8, Orange, Remote Locking PCB
9, N/C,
10, Brown, Ground this splits to both the mirror PCB and remote locking receiver PCB (2)

So I have the Black and White wire to connect, I assume one will be for reverse so when you select reverse and the lights come on the mirror dimming is turned off to maximise vision, the other I have no idea, light dimming or similar. These must connect to 12V or ground to select. Anyone got any ideas please or link to a comprehensive wiring manual available online?

many thanks for any help.
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