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Just a stab in the dark...
I dont particularly like the rear lights at the mo, and was thinking of replacing them .Thought of replacing them with the plain white lights you can get for around £150. But I'd prefer to buy the lights that are on the newer (54onwards) models. They have like a circular brake light, as opposed to the boring ones i have at the moment. Does anybody know if this is possible and where i could buy these from without being stung by mini? May seem a bit tedious but i am quite specific :p

Any Suggestions?

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You can fit facelift lights
2 ways of doing it; We sell them with a red bulb in the position that should be reverse so that you can just fit them no mods required.
Or buy them in facelift spec - these have reverse lights in them which are much better than your bumper mounted one, fit a red bulb into your reverse light in the bumper & do a few wiring mods. ( I can advise on that)
We sell these in 2 versions, with orange indicators or with clear indicators
Orange -
Clear -
Or go for these great LED lights -
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