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Ride on the AutoTrain.. a MINI vacation

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here's the information as to what's going on: all details so far.. and will continue to be updated!

MINICOOPERBOI and i are planning a meet in florida.. here's the rundown so far..

-we'll caravan down to Washington DC to get on the autotrain
-take the autotrain to orlando
-caravan down to sandpiper club med

dates for this is June 20, 2005 (we board the train, but won't arrive until the 21st) - June 26, 2005 (check out of club med & hop the train) - June 27, 2005 (arrive back in NY)

if you're interested in going, let me know. i have a total of 5 people (including myself) so far. i need at least 20 for group rate at club med.

you're going to have to do the reservations for the train and hotel yourself, and i suggest doing this asap or else the rate will go up.. rate is currently $414 per person with car. that rate is roundtrip. that's just the train!

Amtrak's number
tell them that you're with MINI cooper club.
we're train number 52 leaving at 4pm on June 20th
return train is number 52 leaving at 4pm on June 27th

Club Med Info:
-Phone #: 1-800-453-2582
-current rate is $850 per person
-deposit is $265
-tell them to try to book you near Josh Berman or Louise Anne Sybing(so we can be in close distance)
-check in date is June 21, 2005. check out date is June 26, 2005
-this is for the superior connecting rooms
-remember, this is all-inclusive! including drinks
-the price will go up the longer you wait to reserve.
-we are no longer doing group rates because it is only $20 cheaper.. and allows you more flexibility this way.

total cost of this trip if you are coming on the train with a car(minus gas and whatever you spend on other goodies):

for an 8 day trip, i think that's pretty damn good.

contact info (since we don't check these boards regularly)
Me --> IntangibleReveri
Josh --> Bnz E55AMG
Cindy --> Sindabeth
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That's awfully close to MINIsOnTop on June 18/19!
lol. yes. it is. perhaps an alternative or attempt to do both... or just meet us in florida. just think... a whole village of MINI owners in club med sandpiper lol...
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