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rigging cigarette lighter power to "always on"

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Seems like the cigarette lighter in the boot is "always on", but not the one in the dash. I understand the why of this (vacuuming vs. fire!), but since I don't smoke, and I often require recharge of my cellphone, I wonder has anyone rigged the dash lighter power to "always on" as well? I would love to be able to charge even when the car isn't running without opening my trunk. If it's not too complicated, I'll give it a whirl....

Thanks much,

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This has some uses, ultimately, I think it would be best to wire it to a switch so you could choose to have it always on or not.

You would just have to find an always-on positive in the fusebox in the footwell and tap it.
Hi, Found this old thread and wondered if anyone had any new ideas on this. I have an 05 Mini and both the front and rear cig lighters are switched power. I would like these to be always on for charging stuff and connected WinCE computers too.

Any ideas?

Basically I want to bypass the relay.

Can't you just spplice the power line to the lighter and run it to a different (constant power) fuse. If you want a switch, then add a switch in between. Haven't done it, but I have added CBs and lights to a few cars. I love those little fuse sleaves that wrap around the fuse in your fusebox. You just tap the power line to one of those and wrap it around the fuse of your choice. Make sure it is of a similar amp to the original lighter fuse.
Well Yes, except it seems the relay is located after the fuse (according to other posts here).

So basically does anyone know where the relays are located? Or somewhere I could look it up?

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