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I've received a very sad email from Yvonne (MINIWidow on MINI2) to let me know her husband Robbie13 passed away last month after being diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier in the year.

I think the best words to say here are Yvonne's own in her email to me ............

"...I expect people may have wondered were we were.....strangley enough he sold the mini just before he had the diagnosis of cancer.....he'd been in hospital in May with a bleed ( ended up linked to the cancer though we did not know at the time) and during his recovery he decided it was time to move on to the next mad phase and buy a motorbike....he did manage to pass his theory test & get a deposit on the bike but became too ill to complete it. In a way I am glad that he had just moved on from his mini phase as I'm glad I haven't got to deal with selling the mini ..that would have been too painful

I think we probably had about 5 fantastic years doing various mini runs and events...he was a bit of a 'detailer' and he even won best car in show at one of the bristol mini events......please can you thank anyone and everyone who was part of them or organised them.............they have given me some wonderful memories that are really helping me through this really awful time. And the mini ball we went to in 07 was the best thing we have ever was fantastic..we had such a great night..and I have some great photos of the night. I have attached my favorite which I had framed and in the hotel after the funeral...its just him!

....Many thanks for touching our lives....."

I have attached the photo Yvonne refers to.

Robbie had also in 2007 started a blog which you may enjoy reading and remembering him by The Big Red S

My sincerest condolences Yvonne to you and all your families, thank you both for your great support of events over the years, in particluar the Charity Ball. If we can be of any support back just ask.

RIP Robbie :(


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very saddened by this news. Robbie was one of lifes true gents and all of us on MINI2 and the Severn's in particular will miss him greatly.

Robbie and Yvonne at the 2007 Charity Ball

and on the Malverns run 2006


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CANCER an ugly word in any guise, my dad is suffering with terminal cancer at this very moment, the pain me and my family are going through cannot be put into words.

It's always sad to hear when others have lost there lives to such an awful condition.
Live life to the full and remember the next time your complaining about something think on that theirs always someone worse off than YOU.
R.I.P Robbie :(

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