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Hello All!!

Im organising a bit or a road trip and wondered if anyone would like to join me!

The holiday is planned out as follows;

Monday 4th August 2008- Travel to Ashford and spend the night in the Travelodge. This is near Dover so we can get up and jump on the ferry in the morning. However this stay is optional depending on where you live.

Tuesday 5th August 2008- Drive to Dover and catch the ferry to Calais at 7am. Once in Calais we will drive to Dijon and spend the night there.

Wednesday 6th August 2008- Check out of hotel and travel down to South Of France. Here we will be checking into a hotel for 3 nights. The hotel is yet to be decided depending on the number of cars and people. It will be around either Monaco, Cannes or Nice.

Thursday 7th August 2008- Travel into either Monaco or Cannes depending on what people fancy.

Friday 8th August 2008- Again travel into Monaco or Cannes depending on what people feel like.

Saturday 9th August 2008- Check out of hotel and drive to the Nurburgring. Obviously we will have stops on the way for food, Toilet etc. Once near the Ring we will check into our hotel.

Sunday 10th August 2008- Go to the Nurburgring and kick some ass!! The track is open from 11am to 7:30pm. There is also a race on the same weekend so there will be some action to watch.

Monday 11th August 2008- Again, have a blast round the ring. The track is open from 1pm to 7:30pm giving us plenty of time.

Tuesday 12th August 2008- Return journey home. Drive from the Ring to Calais and catch the return ferry at 2:15pm. This means we will arrive in the Uk at 2:30pm (Our Time) then make your way home from there.

As you can see i have just put down general information. When it comes to night time entertainment i guessed we would see what we fancied on the actual night. With the day's in Monaco & Cannes i asume we would all have a run into the towns together and go from there.

If you have never been to Monaco you really dont want to miss this trip! Its car heaven!!

I have worked out a rough cost but this will vary depending on cars and people. For the hotels and Ferry it is around £300 to £400. Other costs not included are Food, Drink, Fuel (Depends how crazy you drive!), Ring Laps and Tolls. However i have decided to take a more scenic route so hopefully we wont hit many toll roads.

If you would like to just join us at the Nurburgring please let me know.

If anyone is interested or would like some more detailed information please contact me as soon as possible by either private message or to my personal e-mail [email protected]

I hope to see you soon! This is the trip of a Lifetime!!


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Just a note on dates

The weekend you have chosen to be at Nurburgring is actually one of the busiest weekends as it is the Old Timers Grandprix weekend.

OTGP is a fantastic event Birdcage Bugatti's through to 1980 F1 plus classic cars to die for, also MINI racing. Racing is on both GP (all weekend) and the Old circuit (Thursday and Friday).

There are thousands of spectators in all sorts of cars

I did this last year - brilliant

BUT - The Ring was a nightmare, too busy with all 3 entrance barriers plus the on circuit barrier letting people on as fast as the barriers could rise and fall. Not the ideal time for your first trip to the ring. You have spectators and race drivers all trying to do the same thing and speed differential is massive - not to mention skill level.

I may be at the OTGP with friends from Sweden - I will let you know so we could meet up.

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Thanks Snowie for the tips.

I know its the race weekend thats why were going that weekend. Were there on the Monday too you see so hopefully have a blast round on the Monday when its a bit quieter.

Unless i get some interest though i wont be going myself :mad:
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