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Rolling Road Days- What can they prove.?

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Hi Guys,
A rolling road day is meant to be fun and fair. In order to make it fair it is essential
to use a good rolling road with a very skilled operator that is also totally independent.
Milway sport meet all these criteria plus they are local (always helps). The first time
we used Milway was last summer,they are not connected to GTT in any way.
They are also very competitivly priced (only £25 is very cheap).For a tuner to just
quote powers that they can only show you on their own rollers to my mind is not enough.
This is one of the reasons I have opened the invitation to other tuners aswell. I can
understand a tuner not wanting to travel say 300 miles on a Sat. morning but for
local companys (with plenty of notice) ?
To use a company that has a vested interest for a RR day should be fine but from what
I have heard it is not. At our RR day no laptops will be connected to anyones cars
so altering or pinching files is not possible.
All cars will be tested in the same way,ie bonnet closed and fan on. If you want a
bit of waterspray on the intercooler,you can have it as long as the car has built
in water spray system.
Interestingly Milway have been moaned at a couple of times with people saying
their rollers read low? These are the rollers that gave our car 273bhp.!
One things for sure there will be NO FIDDLING.
It is not a competition but if it were, tuners demo cars and customer cars would be
in different classes anyway. :)
Regards Roland Gt Tuning
GTT/MILWAY R/R DAY SAT 12th MARCH -see events section (9 places left )
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Not sure where this has come from, but I always take RR figures with a pinch of salt.

It's like an MOT, only good for the day it was tested. Always worth a laugh, and you will always get some 'my cars quicker than yours' but its all in good humour, so whats anyone got to lose.

I have attended loads of RR days with various clubs and magazines, and never have we had a bad one ! Some people get the hump because the figures are low, but its how the car drives that is more important IMO.
For safety for the cars wouldn't it be safer to get the S to have it's bonnet up with a mega fan on it? Just to make it more like really driving at full/very high revs?
Thats an interesting point Paul. When we did our runs we made more power with the bonnet shut,which shows the diffuser /intercooler are working. From a safety point of
view its better too ,as a face full of conrod from an open bonnet and the engine letting
go ( eg the AMD demo car recently) could kill someone.
Regards Roland GTTuning
Killing someone wouldn't be good would it really.

I suppose as long as the cooling/fan is up to the job, just heard a lot of scary tales about rolling roading forced induction cars.
The 2 things with rollers is will it blow up?and if it does it almost certainly would have
let go on the road anyway. And cars jumping out Of all the rollers I've seen
Milways look by far the best. That is to say the car always looks settled,flat& square
in the rollers And I don't feel 'nervous' standing right next to it at over 100mph.
Regards Roland GT Tuning
so what do they actually prove?

judging by the title of this post and the content in this thread, nothing..... ;)

i was hoping to read what they might prove from reading this.....:rolleyes:
To prove anything worth taking note of ,IMO they need to be done with the criteria
of the first post. Even then I suppose if someone was hell bent on fudging figures it
could still be done. One of the favourites is the operator simply doesn't put his right foot
fully to the floor on a rival car.
Regards Roland
ps Spot on Max,except the drivetrain losses are actually measured as a 'negative'
then added on to your @ Wheels BHP . -
If you're running a stock motor they don't really prove much, it's just in the name of fun.

If you've modded you car at all (Manifolds, throttle bodies, pulleys, intakes etc) it'll tell you how much extra power your mod makes, and it's fun :)
Just a thought as you mention std. cars,maybe someone with a stock MCS could
go on to see what it gives, then maybe Adam at Chiptuning could load up his 195bhp
file as a demo and do a second run,then people know what the gain is. TBH Id be interested to see exactly for myself what is possible. This also applies to the mth 190bhp 'non pullied' MCS map. Whether the gain is 5bhp or 32bhp I would like to know either way for myself, and I think others would too. If the gain is only 20bhp I think that
is respectable. :)
Regards Roland Gt Tuning
Will you post the results ?


Would you please post the results of the everyones figures in MIN2 ?


I am sure that the results will be posted on MINI2 in due course :)

As it stands then, it doesn't look as though any other tuners want to turn up to this event? :confused: Seems a shame considering that some are so close to where this is being held (Andover). Hopefully there will be more positive interest in the coming month :)

Not having a dog in this fight why would I as a businessman want to patronize an event at my competitors place of business where that competitor will be showing off all his advantages and on his home turf as well??

Track days I say....anybody for a track day????
pocket rocket.

Just to clarify again it is not our rollers, they are 40miles away. The only 'advantage I
may have' is that I know what Im doing (hopefully) when it comes to tuning these cars .
It would be much easier just to 'stick' at 273bhp then hide in a closet printout in hand , however it should be fun and a chance to say hello to some faces. I think the important thing is we have invited other tuners. I for one am not going to harp on about them declining .
TBH i am not a great rolling road day or even drag strip fan and much prefer track days,
Hopefully we can see competitors cars at some Mini track days this year, for example
the mini day at Castle Combe.? Driving like a lunatic on the road to show customers how 'good' a driver you are is not the way. Put it on the track -,I still think we'll be
quicker. :)
Regards Roland Gt Tuning
Why does it seem this has de-generated into handbags ??

If you want to know what power your car is making then bring it along, stick it on the rollers and have a go. Some people will be happy, some will not, some will no doubt be teased in good humour and some may just come along for a laugh !

Whichever you are, just turn up and have fun.
Hey, all these geek talks fly over my girlie head, I am just coming along to join in the fun with Max, and 25 GBP is cheap fun IMHO, and it will be Apple's first and possibly only rolling day outing :)

DK ;) :apple:
Perm said:

Would you please post the results of the everyones figures in MIN2 ?


I believe owners need to give consent before their figures are made public :)

DK ;) :apple:
No problem we can put the results up (sorry Perm missed your question first time round)
if someone doesnt want their results put up (me :eek: ) we will leave it out.
Regards Roland GTT

Is it OK to turn up to watch with my son as he is MINI mad.....


dcfkan said:
Hey, all these geek talks fly over my girlie head, I am just coming along to join in the fun with Max, and 25 GBP is cheap fun IMHO, and it will be Apple's first and possibly only rolling day outing :)

DK ;) :apple:
Yeh! Do they sell kippers? :D
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