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Not having played any of the other total war games before im starting to gradually get into this great game..

a few question for other people who play it.

1) how the hell do you conquer rome? when ever ive been told go for rome, i can never get there in enough time?
2) can u combine more than one army i.e. in the way that supporting allies can join a battle or are u restricted to just one army.
3) how do you build a ship fleet, ive got a port but no boats?


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Ok, one by one ;)

1) Once youve conquered either 15 or 50 countries( depending which game yor playing -long or short), just go for Rome. The easiest way is if you have oodles of cash, then you can just bribe armies off of your neighbours and conquer him with his own army! :p

2) if the armies are close enough to each other in the red zone next to the enemy on the strategic map, chances are you'll get to contol them all on the battle map - but only a limited number of units at a time.

3) Once youv'e built a port, you should be able to build ship in the unit recruitment tab. :confused:

Ask me on sunday if your still stuck :D
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