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roof rack installation

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Hi there, I have looked at most of the talk about roof racks and I have decided to go with the Mini Rack kit. I don't think I have seen any discussion about self installation of the rack. I can't be the only one that thinks he might be able to install this and not pay $300+ for installation. Has anyone tried this or done it and if so what are the details and difficulty level involved. Thanks for any and all information, Randy:rolleyes: :D
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I have the dealer installed rack on my MCS. Someone has the installation info from the factory and I got a look at it. It is not at all difficult, however there are some specialized factory tools that you would have to purchase. Specifically, a hole saw to cut the final hole for the shoulder bolts.

IMHO. For an individual to do the installation would be no different than the dealer doing his first one. Really. As long as you have the factory install manual.

Oh, and remember. Measure twice and drill ONCE!!!! Oh yeah, use a CENTERPUNCH!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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