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I replaced the timing chain about 3 days ago.
It was work for the whole day, beautiful weather, lots of fun. :big_grin:0:)

The timing chain did not look worn as much (fraction of mm), all the guides were completely and nothing was broken, at that time I thought that maybe someone actually changed it at 60k. [picture 1 and 2]

After setting the engine in the right position and locked it I saw that:
- Inlet Camshaft is OFF about 5' (degree) [picture 3]
- Exhaust Camshaft is OFF about 3' (degree) [picture 4]

Because everything was unscrewed, I replaced the entire system with the timing chain anyway. [picture 5]
I measured the new chain with a BMW special tool and it turned out that in fact the old chain was more worn than it looked. (New chain 64mm)

Yesterday I have made more than 60 miles and everything looks that it is correct and the problem is fixed. I will check it on some longer routes as well.

The conclusion is as always; that you can not trust people and you have to take care of everything yourself. ::wink::
ideal its fixed the guides dont wear much the top guide on engines that have chain so worn it rattles will snapp top guide off, it dont take much to get things running wrong on them, happy days
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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