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JV said:
Merchantible quality claims can be tricky ones - BMW probably wouldn\'t just roll over on that one.
I\'m no expert in the field I\'m afraid (I\'m still training remember!) but I do have a \'basic\' legal knowledge. My take on the situation is that it would be for a Court to decide how badly the seats have worn - would they consider it so excessive they weren\'t merchantible?
From a common sense point of view, wouldn\'t BMW probably hire a pretty decent legal team as well - believe me, I\'ve worked with decent corporate lawyers before - they earn a lot because they\'re sharp. A country solicitor would get taken apart.
Perhaps a more useful avenue would be the small claims court - claim the seats were defective and that BMW didn\'t replace them and so you want enough money to have them recovered (check EVO out next month - I think their long term MINI is being re-trimmed for about £700) - a small claim is not time intensive, and will also only cost about £60 to file - you can do the paper work and you won\'t need a solicitor - loads of websites can help, or even me.
It\'s also worth noting that if you lose you can\'t be made to pay costs - BMW might even settle a claim of this size out of Court because of the costs incurred fighting it...worth looking into.
Blimey!!!...... Has everyone at BMW gone stark staring mad???. Are you seriously suggesting that it would be necessary to sue BMW over this seat issue ?. If messrs BMW AG scan this site, which I am sure they would, any issues like this should be dealt with at dealer level. BMW are MAD if they do not rectify ANY and ALL clients defects immediately. There are a lot of countries outside the UE (and UK of course :eek:)) that have ordered their cars and would be concerned at quality issues like these. Personally I am pleased that the oz launch is 6 months behind everyone else so these early quality issues can be addressed. I already have concerns over the interior silver paint (see seperate thread). This issue if it's genuine and widespread should be addressed by BMW AG immediately.
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