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AMT said:
I think that tyre warning light is a pile of pants. I replaced all four wheels & tyres at the weekend, and had to drive a mile to our petrol station to top one up with air - it was down to 11psi ! Did the light come on? No!

A friend also had a puncture recently, he thought the car felt strange and took it to the nearby garage to be checked - 0psi in the front left - STILL NO WARNING LIGHT!!
The system works and it works well as long as it has been set up correctly.

Suggest everyone reads their manual on how to set it ;)

Probably best to set it every now and then for example after pumping up the tyres.

I once did an experiment where I set it and then took 5psi out of one tyre, it didn't notice it. I then took another 5psi out the same tyre and the warning light came on within a mile or two.
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