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Run-flats on JCW F56

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Sorry all, probably an old question, but I'm a proud new owner. 馃槉
Got a Dec 2015 F56 JCW with all the whistles and bells - including the Run-flats.... I'm not a fan for the following reasons.. I've just been hit with a 拢160 bill for one tyre to get it through its Mot!, the ride is harsh as we live on countryside roads and I want to see more of the glorious Red calipers!....
What's people's favourite gloss Black spoked alloys to run with standard tyres?
If I wanted to, could I run 17" with bigger tyres?
Handling isn't a massive issue, but I don't want to jeopardise any functionality of the car (warning lights etc)...
Thanks all....
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NM makes a 17" wheel that fits the JCW.

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Way back I ditched the 17鈥 run flats on my 鈥05 S for OZ Leguerra rims and Toyo tires.
Much lighter setup, handled & rode much better. The factory 17鈥漵 are strong but heavy, even compared to other factory wheels.
This was a long time ago, but run flats were hard to find at just any tire shop, and of course no one repairs them, just replaces them. I鈥檇 rather take my chances with a pump & patch kit for a long trip than hope I can make it to a place that has what I need.

I had a motorcycle patch kit, came with a gun and mushroom shaped plugs, took a bit more effort vs a simple string plug but worked well.
Just got a 2014 Cooper s Roadster. Tires are in great shape, but are run flat tires on a 16" wheels.
Just order some new tires that are not Run Flat tires because everything I have read about run flats are all lies to get people to pay about 100.00 more per tires for them. If you have them they ride rough and even if you have a flat with them you can only go 50 miles at 50 MPH with them and then you have to buy them in pairs. If it is a rental car or lease.
I am getting four sports tires for 288.00 instead of four run flat at 383.00. Now I am buying a repair kit with double air pump and tires plugs for 55.00.
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