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Running in

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Hey,are you supposed to run in a new cooper s???as i was'nt told anything by the dealer and to be honoust ive been driving it hard and it only seems to be getting quicker...........
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Yes. Try either a search, or reading the manual. It's something like under 4,500 rpm for 1250 miles, and vary the revs on long stretches.
runing in, hmmm, not looking forward to that, but its important;)
I drove it hard, but always under 4500rpm, for the first 100 miles. Then, keep it under 4500rpm, vary the revs, and take it up to the occasional 4500rpm, until 1250 miles. Then gradually increase revs until 1500 miles and you should be home free from there. That's what I did/am doing. :)
well its to late for shoulda's,iv'e done over 1000km with hard enough driving and im not gonna lie the occasional curious redline,the car seems to be loosening up nicely,ive sinced talked to a friend who works in bmw and he said it's fine.All good
Marky Mark2 said:
ive sinced talked to a friend who works in bmw and he said it's fine.All good
No offense but I wouldn´t count on your friend´s feedback. IF something went wrong with the engine during the running-in period (and even afterwards) BMW could always and easily check on how you drove your car and if you did not comply with their 4,500 limit they COULD surely refuse to do any repairs under the warranty.

I am not saying that this would definitely happen but it could. And I do know that BMW is currently extremely careful and checks more things than we know or would like to know. Independent BMW dealers here in Germany at least reported of intense cross-checks by BMW Munich re warranty services carried our by them.

Keep on racing..............

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