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Yes i finally got around to Installing the SAFC 2 controller on the Mini. Now I'm waiting on the New injectors and a trip to the Local Dyno shop to tune the car. From the Information given to me by Hubie at SPI the wiring was pretty much straight forward. Also i would like to thank Chris (Redbaron01) from the Rivercitymini's. Who help me get the wiring started.

Now that I have it installed. I have played with the setting a little bit. changing the mix + - 2%. Nothing dramatic just enough to where i could tell a difference to make sure it was working properly. Don't know if Hubie is going to make a plug and play Harness for the controller yet. Its something I'm still waiting on.

I'll have Pics up in a few days of the install, But may be a few months before i get around to the Injectors and Dyno run. I'm a bit tapped with Christmas and all.
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