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I've decided to start off a list of states/cities/towns that are either the same or similar in both the U.K. and the U.S. Yes, I'm officially bored out of my mind but it's kind of interesting how much we have borrowed...
Please contribute :cool:

(New) York
(New) Jersey
(New) Hampshire
(New) England
Reading, (Pennsylvania)
Newport, (Rhode Island)
Lancaster, (Pennsylvania)
Birmingham, (Alabama)
Lincoln, (Nebraska)
Newport, (Rhode Island)
Bangor, (Maine)
Southampton, (New York)
Winchester, (Virginia)
Stafford, (Virginia)
Portsmouth, (New Hampshire)
Plymouth, (Massachusetts)
Aberdeen, (Washington State)
Somerset, (New Jersey)
Newbury, (Massachusetts)
Windsor, (North Carolina)
Bedford, (Virginia)
Warwick, (Rhode Island)
Cambridge, (Massachusetts)
Dover, (Delaware)

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Gloucester,MA and Gloucester, VA
Surry, VA
Suffolk, VA
Woodbridge, VA
Norfolk, VA (guess this whole Crown Colony name thing could go on for a bit :rolleyes: )
New London, CT
New Bedford, MA
Dublin, OH
Westchester, NY

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I predict this is going to be a very long thread.

Here's my contribution:

Northampton (Massachusetts)
Oxford (Mississippi)
Bedford (Texas)
Manchester (Missouri)
Elgin (Illinois)
Carlisle (Penn)

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In MInnesota, a few immediately spring to mind:-

(New) Brighton
(New) London

I'm sure I could come up with more if I think for a little while.


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There's a little place in Lincolshire called New York... more of a small, bland, mediocre apple though (the locals are very nice though, I'm sure) :p :D
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