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Sat nav on 2002 Mini - upgrade options

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Hi, I am a new member and a new Mini owner having bought a 2002 Cooper R50 two weeks ago. The car has sat nav fitted from new which I suspect has never been updated. It has the DVD player for it under the driver's seat.

As the system doesn't even recognise post codes and is very tedious to enter addresses, am I right in thinking that I am better off using my Tom Tom or iPhone?

Not sure how upgradable my very early system is but if it is upgradable, would it recognise postcodes? If so, upgrade links appreciated. (If a desktop computer is needed I am Mac based btw.)

Also, purely out of curiosity, how much would the sat nav option have been back in 2002?

Thanks in advance.

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Look online to find a dvd with updated road maps. It will never give you the ease of use of a touch screen device like your phone.
It’s likely to be a cd drive in a system that old, eject the disc and see what’s written on it first.
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