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SatNav questions

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I recently received delivery of a Mini Cooper 1.5 registered in June 2019 and took it on its first 3-day journey (Bristol to Battle and back), during which I realised I could not see on the SATNAV either the speed limit of the road I was travelling on, or the actual speed at which I was travelling (it is on the speedo, of course, but it is much safer and easier to see the two together in one glance). Can anyone please advise how I can access these? It's such a basic safety & legal protection feature, I assume it must be on a system as sophisticated as this, especially as it is effectively the same as the BMW system and it would be untinkable not to include such basics for the money BMW owners pay.
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Have I done this right?
Is it in the correct place?
Have you tried reading the manual?

Does the system have split screen option to show directions on one side and other info on the otherside?
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