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Firstly I would like to point out that what I am about to write is no exaggeration and is the truth from start to finish, however beyond belief it may seem!

After spending some weeks searching the net and going to look at various cars at non mini dealers we decided that we would get a better deal, what with warranties etc. from an authorized Mini dealership, and found an '02 plate Mini cooper at Scotthall in Watford, after a test drive by myself and my wife we decided that we would buy the car, it was a much higher spec one than others we had seen and drove much better than most others we had driven, hammered out a deal with the salesman who didn't move much on the price but we were happy. We were told that the car would be valeted, provided with a full tank of petrol, have a fresh MOT, the broken windscreen would be replaced and there would be nothing at all to worry about. A few days later we were called and told that the Finance had all gone through fine I just had to pop in and sign the paperwork and that the car was in the workshop having the windscreen fitted and was being prepared for us to collect and we should be able to collect by Friday, this was on Wednesday the 30th April. On the Friday I was called by the salesman to say could we collect on Saturday as they were waiting for a trim for the windscreen and it would be here Saturday morning we should be able to collect at about midday on the 3rd of May.

As I was out that day my wife eagerly went off to collect her new car and I was nothing but surprised when she phoned me to tell me that the car was filthy and that the car had not even seen a hosepipe let alone valeted, it had not even been hoovered! the salesman even had the cheek to say that he was not happy with it when it was returned from the valeters!
After a short discussion he agreed that we can bring it back for a valet in the week but my wife was not really very happy with it at all especially when the rear view mirror came off in her hand when she adjusted it!!.
next morning I spent 4 hours cleaning the car from top to bottom to try and salvage the situation for my wife as the more she thought about it the angrier she got, but things then went from bad to worse as i started to find bits missing such as the CD changer magazine, one of the plastic outer wheel arches had all the retaining clips broken then worst of all as i was cleaning under the bonnet the paint started to wash off!!! it wasn't just these four points but I had a list of approx 12 points that I was not happy with
Furious, I tried to phone Scotthall's but being a Bank holiday noone of any authority was available, so I was left stewing until the next day. But after taking the car to work on the evening of the bank holiday a rather more serious issue was noted, being an ex-BMW technician I have high standards and to see that the headlights were a mile out of aim and i had no beam pattern from the o/s high beam headlight was just the icing on the cake.


These points are an MOT failure but the car had sailed through, I checked on the internet what day the car was MOT'D as we weren't given the MOT certificate it passed on the 2nd of May, but hang on, the salesman told me they were waiting for a windscreen trim that would be there on Saturday 3rd May and the screen can't be fitted without the trim, so he was either lying about the windscreen or the car also passed the MOT with a broken windscreen!!!!!

Trying to get hold of anyone in authority was a joke, sales manager was on holiday so the business manager was standing in for him, she was never at her desk and so never answers her phone, message after message was left but not answered, getting ever more furious I got hold of customer services at Mini GB and let rip, To be fair they were very helpful and did go some way to putting me at ease and that they would get hold of the dealer on my behalf. I was contacted later that day by Peter Johnson the dealer principle who listened to me sounding off and was very apologetic in fact he couldn't apologize enough and we came to an agreement that my car would be collected and we would have a free courtesy car until my car was in a condition fit to be sold under the cherished mini brand name, anything I was not happy with was to be rectified without quibble, the car was to be re-MOT'd and all check sheets handed to me, I wanted the car to have the 125 point used car check redone and check sheet given to me, I wanted a comprehensive history of the car i.e. service histories, warranty claims, recall campaign history etc. to be printed off and given to me and lastly I would take up there current offer of £500 worth of accessories with any used car and these were to be fitted at their expense, and they would throw in the body care treatment aswell, the business manager came out to collect the car and to his word did not argue or quibble over anything we weren't happy with and we were told the car should be about a week to a week and a half.......

.....4 weeks and 2 days later I still do not have my car!!!!! on may the 30th the sales manager told me the car should be back from the bodyshop mid to late next week meaning yesterday at the latest but I was called by the sales manager and told that they were waiting for some parts which should be here on Monday and we should have our car back next week sometime.

So I am still sitting here wondering when I will get my car back, I'm not going to tell anyone not to go to Scotthall you can make your own mind up, personally I don't think I will be going back anytime soon, I feel I have been lied to, cheated and generally treated awfully but now they are aware that I am an ex-BMW technician I think they would be very silly indeed to send that car back to me in less than perfect condition, but I will reserve that judgement for when my car does show up again, I'll update you all as when that happens
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