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Scratches on SILVER interior trim

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Does anyone know of a way to remove scratches from the bright silver interior trim? I have a TINY scratch on the door, but I imagine it is only the first of many.. any ideas on removal/repair?
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if you have luck its only the cream of your shoe, I removed such a
dark "scratch" with table wash up fluid and water.

Failing that, silver touch up paint should do it.

Hey, i've just noticed, I'm over a hundred posts old!!:D :D :D
I've got the same problem - I caught it with my foot when climbing from one seat to the other (which I have to do regularly).

Suggestion for BMW - Do a transfer kit - with a kind of foil of the silver paint that you can rub over a scratch - this seems like it would be perfect... I've done something similar somewhere once but cant remember where/when!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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