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Seats, pull, boot lock, and now the gearbox...

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I am not a happy person....

My Mini Cooper is a December 01 build, done 4300 miles now. As with the majority of other owners, I adore my Mini. Nothing beats it, take it down an open road and nothing even comes close to it. It's ability to take corners at speed just astounds me. However, I am getting more and more frustrated by the niggles.

First up, the seats squeeked. Dealer made the fix (seat rails I believe), and they came back again. So my car has to go back to the dealer again to get that fixed. Not sure what they will do this time though..

The steering pulls left. I mentioned to the dealer about the Glasgow car suspension replacement, and they were interested but are unwilling to do too much until BMW tell them. However, they did hint that if the April fixes work and it was deemed necessary then there would be a period of time where they would have to build up stocks etc for a recall. Which was an interesting point...

My boot lock also clicks and pops it's way down the road, however when it went in to get fixed the computer at the dealer had broken and all diagnostics were out, so it's being looked at soon when the car goes back. It's so annoying!

Finally, I read today about the gearbox nightmares. And guess what? My car has the same symptoms - a first gear niggle and makes some odd noises. Very disheartening. They want me to go in as soon as I can so the workshop manager can take a test drive with me and see if it needs to be seen sooner than the 2 weeks my car is booked in for.

The dealer is fantastic, really helpful and is changing my view that I would never own a BMW, the level of service is incredible. If only the car was niggle free. My car has been in just about every month since I have had it, and while I would like to have to wash the car on my own once every so often, I really did not think I would get to know the dealer so quickly.

Just letting off steam really, but oh my god is it annoying. Come on BMW, cheer me up!
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Hi - Sorry to hear of your troubles.

Did you buy from an Edinburgh dealer? Dunedin or Eastern?

If you are not happy with the service from one dealer can you not go to the other. I thought the warranty was good for any dealer.
Bought the car at Eastern - have absolutely no complaints from them as the faults are not of their doing.

They were trying to get me a phone kit for the Mini however they are not out yet so have to wait for that one. Anyone heard anything about phone kits?
I've ordered my ONE from them, due in late July. They offered me a better trade on my car. Still not enough though:(
Yeah, trade in is not a strong point anywhere though - I had a Mk3 Golf GTi and could not get anywhere near it's value at a trade in - from Eastern or on anything else I looked at - varied a lot though by about £900 between dealers. Had full VAG history as well, but that did not seem to make any difference.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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