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Hi Guys,

I've bought a 2012 roadster SD for the wife last November and she loves it! I've recently remmaped the car, it now has 185cv and 400N.m torque. After that, I am the one in love with it!

When we got the car there was no semi-automatic roof cars for sale in the EU, and we underestimated how difficult it would be for her to operate it (she is 5'2'', 100lb and can't close the roof from inside the car). As the weather gets warmer for us in Italy, it has become obvious that she can't operate the manual roof.

I am very interested in retrofit an semi-automatic roof. I understand that price might be high, but I would be very open to options. Otherwise, we would have to sell the car and I know it would break her heart :crying:

I deeply appreciate if anyone could share a light on it...

P.S: We have absolutely no problem to travel anywhere in Europe to get it done, including the UK (My wife is from Cheshire).
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