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I REALLY need help...Please!!! My daughter has a 2008 Mini Cooper and I have spent $2-3,000 (at the minimum) over the past 5 years having the Oxygen Sensor replaced. She made a trip to Nashville to school 2 weeks ago and it happened again. ( the car runs rough, stalls out under 1,000 rpm and the check engine light is continually on ). She called me about 30 miles NW of Nashville and it had happened again. So, long story short, I stayed on the phone with her until she got there, we had a relative recommend a foreign car mechanic, he called me the next afternoon and said, "David, they've been putting the wrong 02 sensor in this car. At last...the problem solved! She drove to Milwaukee Monday and started home today...about 10 miles North of Springfield, IL it happens again!!! I had her drive to an Enterprise Car Rental, get a car and she's on her way home now. Problem is Wednesday I have to drive that rental car back up there and pick up her Mini Cooper. I have no idea what to expect!! I'll try to make it home to Central Missouri. ANY advice you can give me on this issue would greatly be appreciated. I have no clue what to do. Many thanks. [email protected]. I'll also check back on this post.
first off how many miles has it got on it, if over 60.000 miles and not had a timing chain replaced this needs checking first job, ie timing chains stretch on these engines and must be treated like a service wearable item or it ruins your day not a if its a when,
when chain stretches the timing is h=out makes them run retarded and also bi-product of this fault causes unburnt fuel and air mix that escapes the over lap of the valves and over heats the 02 sensor upstream mainly it also destroys the cat element..
other things that can cause this is using a lot of oil ie piston rings or valve stem seals also a bi product of being driven for a long time with out of time engine the retarded running causes heat build up with in the cylinders,
trouble is most people wrongly think the timing chain is for ever where the car makers let people think this while the fact is its not. a lot of car makers are putting a 100k or 150k mileage service replace time on them.. this all said it needs to be checked correctly.
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