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brianwelsh said:
Picked up my wifes Xmas pressy on Wednesday last week and drove it through the Cheshire winding leafy lanes to be parked in next doors garage for the big day. I'll tell you how impressed I was, I turned off the MD player whilst playing my favourite Smooth Jazz (nice quality) just to listen to the little beast sing as it flew round the corners. I even had an 325 M series up my arse for a couple of miles who only got past when I pulled over because my wifes little puppy doesn't know its not her time yet! But I grilled him with the beam + four spots as he went past. (There will be other times!!!) What more can I say Pure Silver, Sunroof, Chilli, Full leather, MD player, 4 spots, 17s when available. It took me an hour to get home from a 10 minute drive. Pulling to the left??? Who cares, just hold on and enjoy!!!!! :p
Any chance of a photo sometime Brian. I'd love to see those spotlights.....a real Italian Job !

Merry christmas:)
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