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SF Bay Area sightings

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I wanna know who's on the road out here! :) It's exciting to spot MINIs on the streets.

So far, I've sighted three MINIs, all parked, which may all be the same vehicle. I didn't want to seem like I was trying to break into the car by getting too close and seeing what's inside. ;)

Near Spear and Folsom in SF, twice last week, silver with black Cooper, Concord dealership. I'm sure the two sightings are of the same car.

Parked on Lakeshore and Lake Park in Oakland, silver with black Cooper, this morning around 10am. I was so tempted to head over to check you out, but my bus was rapidly approaching. :( I *think* you are from Concord too, but I couldn't tell. Are you the same Cooper as the one I saw in SF?

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I've seen 3 Coopers:
  1. Pure Silver / black (Mountain View) - Marina Green
  2. Indie Blue / white (?) - Marina Blvd / Fillmore
  3. Chili Red / white (San Francisco) - Stanyan / Parnassus
S's coming:
  • Electric Blue / white (East Bay) - 05/08 to mini_girl
  • Dark Silver / white (East Bay) - 07/?? to MINIAC
NOTE: dealers shown in parentheses
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I have sighted a few here in SF too!

Silver & Black Cooper on Roosevelt(SF Mini)
between Duboce Triangle & the Haight.

Indi Blue & White top Cooper(SF Mini) on Liberty Street
near Dolores Park.

Yellow & Black Cooper(SF Mini) in Pacific Heights.

Black & White Cooper (from East Bay) at the
car wash on Bayshore & Army.

My co-workers are often telling me of others in
the East Bay.

Mini-girl, when did you get on the list for an S?
I was #82 at East Bay & gave up for a Cooper.

Please post some photos when you get your car.:) :) :)
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