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She's here!!

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Well I picked up my new baby today! :D :D :D
The dealer was fantastic, the sales guy was excellent, and the handover very thorough. (thankyou [email protected] Godfrey Hall!!)

As you may remember I wanted lights fitting but they were ridiculously expensive, even with a dealer discount - however as I walked around to the front of my Mini... there they were, all fitted and looking funky! The sales guy had done them for free!! :D :cool:
I am absolutely made up, I was like "wow oh thankyou that's brilliant, thank you so much!" :D

OH wasn't convinced I'd be happy with the Mini, he didn't think it would be fast enough for me, but I let him have a drive on the way home and he couldn't wipe the grin off his face!! :rolleyes:

Many happy mini motoring days ahead!

flash flash wave ;)
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Fantastic :D

happy motoring! might we see some pics soon? :D

*flash flash wave* back at ya!
Congrats...........lights are a nice freebie...........:cool:
congrats and enjoy

flash flash wave ;)
wow u got free lights nice.......congrats.........happy motoring
I bet your over the moon. I remeber the day I picked up my new mini; Must have driven about 500miles in the first week.
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